Selling tips for dealers

Customer Openers and Rebuttals

Customer buys a new ebike / escooter /eVehicle

  • Do you have an e-rated helmet?
  • Regular helmets protect only up to 15 mph vs 28 for e-rated helmets

Customer says he already has a helmet

  • Do you understand the difference between a regular helmet and an e-rated helmet? See What makes an ebike helmet
  • Regular helmets protect only up to 15 mph vs 28 for e-rated helmets

Customer is looking for a bike helmet

  • Have you considered upgrading to an e-rated helmet?
  • Why not future-proof your investment even if you don’t yet own an ebike

Customer is asking about MIPS

  • We did some real-world testing, and we're pretty confident about our design. MIPS works great for crash test dummies but not so much for humans that have hair and scalp.
  • Xnito is 87% better overall protection while MIPS at best shows 10% improvement on rotational type impacts - no effect for direct impacts.

Other Selling Points

  • Xnito is the last helmet you will need to buy - only helmet with a lifetime accident warrantee
  • Integrated front and rear lights. 10 hour battery life
  • Super light weight - 13 oz, practically road bike helmet weight
  • One handed fastening - Advanced magnetic buckle allows for one handed operation
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Company Background

Xnito, a San Francisco-based startup established in June 2022, is on a mission to provide the safest helmets for today's faster e-vehicles. With the surge in e-vehicles post-Covid lockdowns, our helmets cater to the safety needs of riders on e-bikes, e-scooters, Onewheels, and e-skateboards.

Helmet Design

  • Safety First: Xnito helmets are designed to bridge the gap between traditional bike helmets and motorcycle helmets. They meet or exceed the Dutch NTA 8776 certification, offering 87% better protection than CPSC. Our helmets safeguard riders up to 28 mph, addressing the speed limits of class 3 e-vehicles.
  • Extended Coverage: We prioritize safety with extended coverage for the temples and the back of the head, enhancing overall protection.
  • MIPS Technology Explanation: In developing our helmet, we did not find that MIPS made any difference when applied to real-life testing which was simulated with a head from wearing a wig. Bottom line is MIPS works great for crash test dummies but not so much for humans that have hair and scalp. Our testing has been verified by other independent organizations.

Integrated Lights

  • Visibility Matters: Xnito helmets feature integrated front and rear rechargeable lights for enhanced visibility during day and night rides. This added safety feature ensures you're always seen by other road users
  • Convenience: The lights are easily rechargeable and last up to ten hours on a single charge, making them a reliable companion for your journeys.
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  • Ventilation: With a fully ventilated design boasting 10 vents, the Xnito helmet ensures comfort even on the hottest days. The ventilation system contributes to keeping your head cool, reducing fatigue, and maintaining concentration.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 13 oz (377 grams), our helmet is so lightweight that you'll barely notice you're wearing it, making it perfect for extended rides.
  • Magnetic Buckle System: The advanced magnetic buckle system allows for one-handed fastening and is three times stronger than traditional plastic buckles.
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Lifetime Accident
Replacement Policy

  • Industry first: Xnito is the only helmet company to offer a lifetime accident replacement warranty - the last helmet you will ever need to buy.
  • Customer Assurance: In the unfortunate event of an accident damaging your Xnito helmet, our lifetime accident replacement policy ensures a free replacement, allowing riders to get back on the road with confidence.